Dentistry is a wide profession bringing together all kinds of dentists. It is up to the dentist to decide what area to specialize in. You can choose pediatric dentistry, family dentistry or many others. So, what is this family dentistry? We should start with what makes a family. The family endures at all times. It is a continuous formation. There are children and adults as well. In the same way, family dentistry is trained to understand people of all ages. All people young and old require dentistry services. The family dentist is there to provide any of the services that may be required by their family clients. They are ready to deliver comprehensive services for toddlers all the way to their parents.

Treatment for all teeth

Family dentists are not known for discrimination. They are equipped in treating all types of teeth. Starting from the milk teeth of the children to the permanent teeth and wisdom teeth of the adults, they can take care of your issues. They also spend plenty of their time in preventative care. They are social enough to keep advising their clients on precautions to take to stay away from dental defects.

Areas of concern

As mentioned, services by Kesteven dentists Mission are comprehensive enough. They can deliver every dental treatment including teeth health and oral hygiene. They, however, focus more on children who are the most vulnerable in a family setting. More attention hence goes to the young ones who may not understand the need to have their oral structures cleaned throughout. Services they offer may therefore include;

  • Regular cleanings – a service done regularly to ensure that plaque does not form on your teeth and trigger a series of dental defects.
  • Fluoride treatments – this service is more cosmetic focused on ensuring that your teeth remain white and not discoloured.
  • Gum disease treatmentgum disease has become a common problem not only for the adults but the kids as well. Due to the ‘reckless’ nature of kids, they might expose their teeth to gum disease if the parent does not precaution to protect them.
  • Cavity detection and fillings – an appropriate service intended for young people. Children are more prone to cavities than any other group. The food they eat and neglect to regular teeth brushing are some of the reasons why that is the case.

Friendly profession

Dentists are feared not only by the children but the adults as well. That’s a perception that family dentists are looking forward to changing, according to Cool Stuff Studios. They are introduced to the kids right from the word go so that the kids grow up knowing that dentists mean good in their lives. The gentle approach by these Abbotsford dentists ensures that kids develop some positive attitude towards dentistry. They hence develop good hygiene habits that they carry along with to adulthood and even pass them to their young ones.

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