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In early 2015 this restyled personal website will go live as part of the launch of Positively Happy, a major new online venture designed specifically for those seeking a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. In addition to great products and services, a forum, an online store and a presence on all social media platforms, we will also be launching 4 radio stations and our own TV channel.

The 1st radio station is- ‘Positively Happy’- no news, no traffic, no weather, no irritating DJ’s, just a blend of great music and inspirational words designed to make you feel- Positively Happy.

Listen NOW to Positively Happy Radio

Noel Edmonds - Deal or No Deal

5 years ago Noel Edmonds turned ‘Health Detective’ in an effort to find out if there really was a scientifically proven way to live a healthier, happier and more successful life. The findings, which will shock and surprise many people and inspire and motivate others, are being described as the most significant advance in self-health and wellness for decades.

‘The Positivity Formula’ by Noel Edmonds, will be launched right here at midnight GMT on February 1st 2015.

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